i wonder what cool outfits 1d will wear for the first 3 days of tour before inevitably prancing onstage in whatever garbage they find leftover in their suitcases


tbh i want all the one direction fanbase to be angry feminists. i want all of them to fucking destroy the music snobs who scoff at the idea of one direction being legitimate musicians because “they’re for teenage girls”. i want them to propel one direction to absolutely smash every record set in music ever because teenage girls have the power to do that. i want them to be smart, well-read, and still not be ashamed to scream when a new single comes out. every one direction fan needs to destroy the idea that their fans are just “stupid teenage girls” because teenage girls aren’t two-dimensional. they can be intelligent, fashion-oriented, activists, athletes, obsessed with makeup, musicians, all while being huge one direction fans.


i hope they change the actor for daario naharis every season for absolutely no reason and with no explanation given


"westside!!!" shouts the man with a teacup tattooed on his arm